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5 Tips for Creating Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

1. Everyone loves a ‘freebie’

If your campaign objective is ‘lead generation’ then try offering a free resource or eBook to your audience whereby in order to download the resource they have to supply their contact details. This is a great way to build up an email marketing list.

2. Discount by percentage not by value

When promoting an offer discount always express it as a percentage (%) rather than a value (£).  You will agree 20% off sounds much more inviting than £5 off, and is far more likely to achieve that sale!

3. Emphasize a sense of urgency

Your advertising campaign will achieve a higher response rate if you instil a sense of urgency across to your audience. This is normally achieved by stating that your offer is a ‘limited supply’, or that the ‘offer is only for a few days’,  Use calls to action such as ‘low stock’, ‘limited time’ or ‘sign up now’ for the best results on your advertising campaigns.

4. Use eye catching graphics/images

Always use eye catching, well designed and engaging graphics/images on your social media advertising campaigns.  People often scroll down their feeds very quickly and this might be the first thing that catches their attention,possibly way before any text you have written.

5. Avoid #Hashtags on advertising campaigns

#Hashtags are great for general engagement posts on social media and there is no doubt they can result in your posts being seen by a larger audience. However, on an advertising campaign your primary objective is to get your prospect to click on your ‘call to action’ button, or to visit your landing page/website.Accordingly, having a #hashtag can distract a prospect to possibly leaving your advertisement by following through on the #hashtag alternative, which you certainly do not want to happen!

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Monday, 23 July 2018

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