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7 SEO Tips to Get Your Website Ranking Higher

It’s all very well having a visually appealing website, but is it getting found by your prospects? As established web designers in Hertfordshire, here are our top7 SEO tips to get your website ranking higher on the Search Engines, and ultimately to get your website achieving better conversion results in today’s highly competitive online market place.

1. Good Design & Content

Ensure you have a well thought out and designed website. The design must work well on a PC, a tablet, and on mobile devices.Be selective on your choice of photographs ensuring they will be appropriate, relevant, appeal across all your target audience, and that they are optimised correctly when loaded onto your website. Make your content relevant, interesting, tell your prospects the benefits of your products/and or services, and why they should buy from you. Ensure you include targeted appropriate keywords within your copy to assist with your search engine optimisation, but don’t be repetitive or tempted to over stuff your copy with keywords, as this may be viewed as spam by the search engines, and your website may be penalised.

2. Improve the Speed of your Website

By this we refer to the time it takes for your website pages to load,for photos to appear, for videos to load, and also the time for pages to change size with regard to responsiveness.  The search engines do not like slow websites so it is important to ensure your website speed is optimised, and preferably the site is hosted on a fast server.

3. Invest in Local SEO

Local search engine optimisation focuses on promoting your business locally, and is particularly crucial for small businesses whose target audience is within the nearby surrounding area. The search engines rely heavily upon being able to interpret the content on a website in order to determine the precise location of the business behind it. It is, therefore, imperative that a website reliant on local business is built correctly, with all the content and tags fully optimised to focus on your business location. Consequently, it’s fairly safe to say that if your business is not optimised locally, you are giving away valuable prospects to your competition!

4. Remove Errors & Broken Links

Websites should be checked regularly for operational errors such as crawler and fetch errors, or viruses. These can easily be identified using Webmaster tools. You should also check your website for any broken links and rectify them. The search engines do not like errors or broken links and they will result in your site being penalised.

5. Use Google Plus

If your business does not use Google Plus social media platform then you should. The Google search engine prioritises sites operating its social media platform, and not to be using the platform is a big missed opportunity.You will also find it extremely beneficial for networking and promoting your business.

6. Include Video on your Website

Video is not only an amazing way to promote your products/and or services to a wide audience in a way that no other medium can do, but it will also raise your profile in the search engines.Well produced and correctly optimised video on your website will result in you achieving a higher ranking in Google in particular. Why? Well partly because Google own YouTube. Simply mount your video on your YouTube channel and cross reference to your website and it’s a win win situation!

7. Use Competitions

Everyone likes a competition so why not use it to your best advantage. Generate a competition which is linked to a Landing Page on your website. Promote the competition via all your social media channels and watch the hits on your website rise. As more traffic visits your website, so your website ranking will increase amongst the search engines. Result!

Thank you for reading our article and we hope you found it useful. If you would like Advenzia, the most helpful web designers in Hertfordshire, to help you with your SEO please contact us on 01438 906200, we would love to help you gain higher online visibility for your business.


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