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Ways to Get Your Bounce Rate Down, and Your Success Rate Up!

A websites ‘Bounce Rate’ refers to the percentage of visitors to a site who leave without clicking on anything. Obviously the objective is to get your visitors to remain as long as possible on your site in order to achieve a prospect, or even better obtain a sale. As leading established web designers in Hertfordshire we have compiled some goodways to get your bounce rate down, and get your success rate going up!

1. Have a Responsive Website

You must have a responsive website optimised for all mobile devices.  Failure to update your website to be responsive will without a doubt result in your bounce rate from visitors using mobile devices being high. Unresponsive websites mean your visitors will struggle to navigate your website, and will be highly likely to leave and head straight over to your competition!

2. Ensure your Website Load Time is Optimised

Your visitors will not want to be kept waiting for your website content to load, so don’t keep them waiting! Ensure your image and file sizes are optimised, and not so big they will affect the websites performance. Regularly review your website links and ensure they work its annoying and unprofessional to have broken links on your website. It pays to ensure your website is hosted on a fast reliable server, it may cost a little more, but it will be worth it not to lose your prospects.

3. Navigation & Searching

Can you visitors easily navigate your website? You may well know your website inside out and where to find specific things, but can your prospects? It is crucial to have a website which your prospects will be able to find what they are looking for, or they will give up and move on somewhere else. In addition, having a ‘Search’ box available on your website will also aid your prospects in locating what they are interested in quickly.

4. Using Landing Pages for your Advertising Campaigns

When promoting one of your products/and or services use a specific targeted landing page for the ad campaign, rather than just linking to your website where your prospect may have to search to find the item they were just viewing. A well designed and written optimised landing page will provide your prospects everything they are looking for to inform them of the product/and or service you are promoting, together with easily identifiable actions for closure. Do ensure that your promotional campaign material links to the correct Landing Page. For example, no one wants to click on an offer for a sales training seminar to be linked with a landing page to buy a book!

5. Remove Annoying Pop Ups

Trying to read web pages which continually have pop ups appearing is a really annoying tactic, and almost certainly will result in your visitor leaving your site. If a prospect is interested in your products/and or services they will equally be likely to click on a well-constructed Call to Action box to sign up for your article, newsletter, offer etc.

By deploying these tactics you will not only reduce your websites bounce rate, but you will find your visitors view more of your content,and your conversion rates will start to rise. Additionally, your website search engine ranking will improve, as will your brand awareness.


Thank you for reading our blog article and we hope you found it useful. If you would like Advenzia, the most helpful web designers in Hertfordshire, to help you with your website or marketing activities please contact us on 01438 906200, we would love to help you get your bounce rate down, and your success rate up.


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Monday, 23 July 2018

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