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Email marketing is where a company sends a commercial message to a group of targeted recipients by email, usually with the help of email marketing software, such as Mailchimp. Email marketing has the ability to reach your target audiences in a most effective way and should be considered as a vital marketing tool by businesses.

The main benefits of email marketing are:

  • Its Low Cost
    There are no printing, postage, or high advertising costs associated compared to marketing via other methods such as Google Adwords, television, newspapers, or magazines
  • Targeted Audiences
    This can either be your own generated subscribers, or you can purchase targeted lists
  • Easy to Create
    Email marketing doesn’t require design or technical experts to be successful you can do them for yourself
  • Easy to Track
    Most email marketing software comes with data tracking options so it’s easy to track open, click through, and see conversion rates
  • Easy to Share
    Recipients can forward your email campaign with a click of a button
  • Provides a quick ROI
    Due to the immediacy of email you will start to see results within minutes of deploying your campaign

Listed below are what we believe to be the most effective tips for creating a powerful email marketing strategy.

Research & Planning

Spend some time conducting research, look what other companies have done effectively to get some ideas for your campaign. Think about who is your target audience? Is there more than one target audience?  If so you could need to generate more than one email marketing campaign in order that you can segment, personalise and be more relevant to each audience. What is your budget, and how are you going to implement and track your campaign?

Optimise for Desktops & Mobiles

Due to the increasing amount of time your prospects are nowadays likely be spending on mobile devices, it is really paramount to ensure your campaign is optimised for both desktops and mobiles. This is best achieved by using responsive designed emails as part of your overall strategy.

One Goal per Campaign

Concentrate on keeping each email marketing campaign to one goal per campaign, do not be tempted to over complicate things as you can risk losing your prospects attention.

Write an Attention Grabbing Subject Headline

Choose this very carefully as SPAM filters could send your campaign straight to the recipients ‘Junk’ folder, and your prospects will never get to read your message! In particular, don’t be tempted to use the word ‘free’ as this one is almost guaranteed to end up in the Junk folder. Personalising the subject heading and including your Company name works quite well, and can increase the likelihood of with getting your email message opened.

Align your content with your Subject Headline

You should always keep the body content of your email aligned with the subject headline, and ensure you follow through on the promised headline. One of the keys to email marketing success is in content relevancy, and delivering the promised information.

Keep it Simple & Strong (KISS)

Always keep your content clear and powerful so that it grabs your prospects attention, keeps them engaged, and encourages them to want to find out more by clicking through to your landing page, or website.  Do not use complicated technical jargon as this can lead to your prospects to losing interest.

Focus on the ‘Benefits’ not listing ‘Features’

Always focus on the 'benefits' to your prospects, and never be tempted to tell them all the features of your products and/or services. If you want to tell a prospect about a feature then you can, but you must say how it will 'benefit them'  within the same sentence. Your prospects are really only  interested in ‘what’s in it for them’. If your 'benefit is unique'  and no one else offers it, then tell your prospects this, stating this is 'another benefit of buying from you'.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ensure you include relevant SEO keywords in your content, but don’t be tempted to overdo it. Keyword stuffing can result in poor copy which can be difficult to follow and becomes confusing to your readers.

Include a strong ‘Call to Action’

Make sure you include a prominent strong call to action in both your email message, and on any follow on landing page, or website, such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Join Today’.

Using the ‘Scarcity Principle’

You may wish to apply the scarcity principle in your email campaign, and you can read more about the scarcity principle in our article ‘How to use the ‘scarcity principle’ to dramatically increase conversions.  Using the scarcity principle creates a sense of urgency to your campaign, for example, offer is only applicable to the first 50 responses, or the offer is for 3 days only.

Sharing your Email Campaign

Include a ‘share’ option within your email message so that your prospects can also forward the link to a friend thereby extending the reach of your campaign even further….result!

Proofreading your Email Campaign

Do ensure you proofread your campaign several times. Get some family, friends and colleagues to also check your content is understandable and engaging. Feedback is important, prior to launching your campaign as you might have missed something, or wish to add some points.

The ROI…..Measure your Success

Do make sure you monitor the success of your campaign. This will help you to focus on what worked best in generating you the highest conversions, and will make it easier for you to direct your efforts using the most effective methods in your future email marketing campaigns.

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