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Email birthday campaigns are highly effective, will suit most businesses, and are well worth including in your overall marketing strategy.

The 3 main reasons why they are so effective are:

  1. Psychologically people like to feel ‘special’ and receive ‘gifts’ on their birthday
  2. People like to feel remembered, and generally really appreciate it when someone shows they care
  3. If you send a well thought out ‘special offer’ voucher to the prospect on their birthday, they will most likely feel compelled to act on it. For example, consider if it were your birthday and you received a voucher from a new local restaurant for a free bottle of good wine when you next eat at their restaurant, would you feel compelled to use it? You probably would, am I right? Just tailor the offer to your particular products and/or services, and come up with your own idea for a birthday offer.

The likelihood is that you now have a new customer, fantastic!  You now have two options:

  1. Make your new customer’s experience so good that they want to return, and you gain a new repeat customer
  2. Structure the offer in a manner that it encourages the recipient to want to purchase additional products and/or services from you

Success, it’s that simple, you now have a new customer!

Don’t forget to ensure that you enter your new customer’s personal information into your CRM database for any future email campaigns you may wish to promote.

So let’s now look at how you obtain your birthday list. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. Purchase a mailing list refined for your target market, which includes the prospects month of birth. You then simply send out your email campaign at the beginning of the month for all those prospects who birthday falls during the campaign month.
  2. You could launch a social media campaign for a free article, download, or a contest which links to a landing page where the prospects have to enter their name, email address and month of birth in order to receive the reward.  In this way you are building up your own sourced email database for future use.

Once you have obtained your birthday mailing list you need to consider what your campaign will be, and get the graphics designed. When you are happy with the final campaign, you simply send out the email to your prospects at the beginning of the month in which their birthday falls, it’s as simple as that!

When your targeted prospects take up your offer ensure you give them special treatment, make them feel special, and watch your business expand.

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