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Keeping in touch with your current customers can dramatically increase business, when done properly and with sincerity. It's a fact that your customers are your best leads. This means that the most likely people to purchase your products and/or services are the ones who have paid for them before. It's also a fact that it costs far less money to keep a customer than it does to go out and get a new one.


It sounds really obvious, but you would be surprised how many businesses do not keep comprehensive customer records. The more information that you have on your customers, the more likely it is that you will be able to get in touch with them to let them know about your products and/or services. Don’t always make it about you though, why not send them Birthday and Christmas cards?  Show your customers that they are special and valued. It’s the personal touches that will make you stand out to your customers.


Make sure when you collect information in your database you differentiate between people who have placed an order with you in the past, and people who have not and are just prospects. Your customers will want to feel like you are paying attention to them, and not just targeting new prospects. After your customers have placed a few orders with you they like to feel they are also still receiving special offers and discounts too, or they will end up feeling unappreciated. Bottom line is if your special offer is just for new prospects, and your current customers don't qualify for the offer you are sending out, don't send it to them! Generate a different offer for your current customers, and make sure you send that one to them instead.

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is useful for managing your communications with customers and prospects, and if you are interested in finding out more about one of these contact us for more information.


When targeting new prospects with direct mailing it is acceptable to send the same flyer a couple of times as the first one may have gone astray, so the second one could end up being given to another decision maker and you get a response. However, do not overdo it! It is far better to change your flyers, special offers, competitions etc, than bore prospects with the same material again, and again.

Dealing with your current customers you will definitely need to mix things up a bit. Your mailings should be attention grabbing, informative, and contain a strong ‘call to action’. If you have started offering a new service recently, then use this as a great opportunity to tell your customers about this new service and how it can benefit them. Also ensure that you personalise everything that you are sending to a current customer so that it actually pertains to them, or their company. Anything less and your customer may start to drift, and the only people that are going to be happy when that happens are your competitors. The main objective is to keep your Company in the front of their mind, and to keep them reading about your products/and or services.

Remember, just being great at what you do is not always enough to keep the customers that you have gained. With all of the competition out there nowadays you need to be constantly reminding your customers that you offer outstanding service and value for money in what you do. Regular contact with your current customers is important for the success of your business, and keeping in touch with them via direct mail is a great way to keep them informed of what you can do for them, so don’t forget to give them that reminder on a regular basis.

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