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A good website is made up of the following five essential elements. Get just one wrong, and it can cost you more than you think!

1. Design

A good website should look professional, attractive and showcase your products or services in the very best possible light. You can’t afford for your website to be like everyone else's if you want your customers to buy from you, and not a competitor. In a cluttered market it is increasingly important that your brand makes you stand out and reflects your values, together with the character and quality of your business.

Good design and typography can help you establish strong connections with potential customers. It can make your words memorable and persuasive to a much more receptive audience, and because of that you’ll sell more of your products and services.

Good design is just one essential element and it’s not enough to save a bad website, but equally a badly designed website will be sure to be unappealing. That's why all design work created for you by Advenzia is done by qualified professional designers who understand both design and marketing.

2. Marketing

Marketing is the brains behind your website that understands how your customers think, what they are looking for, and what they will respond to most favourably. Marketing is defined as ‘the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service’. What does this mean to your business? If the website marketing is planned properly, you will be able to profitably sell more of your products and services. Without this element your website might look nice, but won’t deliver the benefits to your business that it should.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Targeted traffic is the goal of search engine optimisation. The higher a website is positioned when a keyword is searched the more traffic it will receive, thereby increasing your visibility and potential of finding new customers.

Using proper Google recommended strategies to help your website does not mean carrying out “quick fixes” to make your site rank higher. To be enable long lasting benefit means using solid white hat SEO strategy, or your website will fail.

It is vital for every business to have an online presence and to attract new customers over the internet with search engine optimization, because it's the number one way many prospective customers seek new products and services.

To make a website rank highly on Google simply means making the site display information which Google rates valuable to the reader. If you try to use “tricks” to make your site rank more highly, you are bound to find that you will later be penalised. Therefore, a key aspect of search engine optimization is creating useful and interesting information, and presenting it on your website in way that it will be easily found. With careful placement of keywords, a mix of programming, good quality fresh content writing, and numerous variables woven in to the fabric of your website, your site will rank higher than your competition.

4. Copywriting

On your website you simply won’t get the sale if your site visitors don't get your message. A well designed website which is well optimised for Google searches needs to use words to communicate with your audience to be successful. To create a successful website good copy writing is an essential ingredient. You need to communicate the important messages about your business in the voice or tone that will be favourably received, and understood by your audience.

5. Programming

Programming is the final ingredient which ties all the other four ingredients together. Whether carefully hand crafted HTML, or complex databases with PHP coding needs to be carried out by experienced programmers, because a flaw in the programming could display as errors on the website. The programmer can help make the site easier to be found in search engines, and so using experienced programmers can help you convert more prospects to sales.


Make sure that the company who builds your website has all of the five essential elements on board. Get all five ingredients right, and your website will be a tremendous asset to your business.

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