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How to get more traffic to your website, without spending an absolute fortune on doing it, is at the forefront of every business owners mind. This article will give you some great ideas on how to get more traffic to your website, without it costing you the earth! So here are 10 creative ways for driving traffic to your website:

  1. Up your game with Video
    Video is really amazing for gaining traffic, and also for increasing your SEO rankings. It cannot be over emphasized the importance of using good quality, well-written and produced video on your website. As Google own YouTube the more video you place on your YouTube channel and cross reference on your website, the higher your page ranking will become!
  2. Use Facebook Ads
    Facebook Ads are inexpensive and a really great way for driving traffic to your website. You can target who you want to see the advert and in what location, conversion rates are good on this type of advertisement and are well worth trying. Ensure you use a good quality eye catching image which will attract your prospects attention, together with some well worded content, and publish at the optimum times of day when your targeted audience will be online. 
  3. Blog more frequently
    Get your business noticed by posting good quality fresh content 2/3 times per day. It sounds a lot, but it will bring you bountiful rewards. Your articles do not have to be 5/10 pages long, 1/2 pages is plenty, and in most cases this is the preferred length of a blog post.
  4. Add your Blog to Alltop (
    By submitting your Blog to Alltop it increases your online visibility, and the likelihood of more prospects finding your content. Alltop is a massive blogging site with a huge readership, and there is no doubt that publishing your best content here will result in extensive exposure for your website.
  5. Influential Bloggers
    When you have written a niche ground-breaking or newsworthy article, inform some influential bloggers in your industry about it. The chances are they may well link back to your post. Back links from 'power influencers' are really good for your page ranking.
  6. Timing is everything
    Make sure you are posting to your social media channels at the optimum times of day relevant to each particular channel. Having gone to the trouble of writing great articles and posts, there is absolutely no point in publishing them at times of the day when most people are at work, and will not be reading your posts!
  7. Start an industry specific niche Facebook Group
    The aim here is to build up members and encourage them to ask questions and obtain support. You will also be able to refer them to your website and blog, where they will also be able to find additional information on their specific enquiry. Placing yourself as an industry expert in a particular niche area can over time really help in driving traffic to your website.
  8. Start a Forum on your website
    Starting up a Forum on your website can really work well, and once active it will quickly start increasing your page ranking. Having a Forum will also have the added benefit of reducing your website’s ‘bounce rate’ as members will be on your website for longer periods.
  9. Interview an Industry Influencer
    Why not try sending out some emails requesting to interview one of your industry influencers, and then publish the interview on your blog. Prospects will be drawn to read the article due to the influencers name, this in turn will boost your credibility, and result in increased traffic to your website. You may even be lucky enough to have the influencer share your article across their social media channels, thereby further expanding the reach of your business brand awareness, and website.
  10. Press Releases
    Press releases are amazing for achieving high volume exposure. If you have something to announce, such as a new e-book, a White Paper, you are holding a special event etc, get it published via a press release. PR Web is a good one to try its inexpensive, good value for money, and will get you lots of exposure for your website.

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