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When considering your business marketing do you instinctively initially ask yourself “How much is this advertising going to cost me?” Well, you should in fact actually be asking yourself “How much will it cost me NOT  to do this advertising?”

Consider this scenario: If you spend £1,000 per month on your marketing then you could potentially save yourself £1,000 per month by not doing any marketing. This is, of course, a very short sighted view of the situation, because if you generated sales of £1,075 from that marketing, then you would have just lost £75 by not doing it!

In most cases, the above scenario margins would not in fact be this small, and by trying to save on your marketing budget you may well actually be costing your business quite significant losses!
Fundamentally, it all boils down to your Return on Investment (ROI). The money you spend on your marketing is your ‘investment’, and they money you bring in on sales is the ‘return on that investment’. If you are only making what you are spending on your marketing, then the advertising is not doing the job it should be for your business. This is why it is so important to keep track on your ROI, and monitor which advertising campaign is generating you the best return on your investment. By doing this you can build an extremely powerful marketing strategy, because investing more money into a marketing strategy that has a higher ROI doesn’t cost you more money, it actually makes you more money!  Unfortunately, many businesses decide to cut their marketing budgets first when trying to get through difficult times, but inevitably this strategy will in fact only speed up their downfall.

To be very successful in business you do need to speculate to accumulate, and it’s true to say “It takes SOME money to make MORE  money”.

Hopefully, you are now convinced that you should be spending some money on marketing your business, but probably asking yourself “What is the best way for me to advertise my business?”
Obviously what works for one business may not work for another business, so you will need to consider which ideas will work best for your type of business. Then with a bit of testing you will be able to come up with the right combination for a killer marketing campaign to suit your particular business.

21 great ideas for promoting your business

  1. Ensure you have a current well written, SEO friendly, and responsive website. This is your online shop window to a potentially worldwide audience so it is vital to have a compelling online presence, which makes you stand out from your competitors (read more in our article titled ‘5 Essential Elements which you must have on your Website’).
  2. Ensure you have an ongoing search engine optimisation strategy, which should aim to get your website within the top 3 pages on the search engine results. To get good coverage on search engines, you will need to work on your website continuously, monitoring your statistics closely and refining your website accordingly. In particular, you will also need to update your site frequently with keyword rich content, and work on building quality back-links to your site.
  3. Build an Email List from your website, and then send out regular Newsletters to your subscribers.
  4. Create some promotional videos about your products/services, and get them placed on YouTube and on your website.
  5. Ensure you are set up in ‘Google Places’ and ask your happy customers to write you up a review on it as this will greatly enhance your website ranking in the Search Engines.
  6. Advertise with Google Adwords.
  7. Start communicating with your potential customers via social media platforms. People are more likely to buy from someone they have built up trust with so engaging via social media platforms can be a great way to build your customer base. In particular, you should consider creating accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
  8. Facebook Advertising (read more about this is our article on ‘How to make your Business Rock on Facebook’).
  9. Promoting your business on Twitter (read more about this in our article on ‘5 Ways to Promote your Business on Twitter’).
  10. Start blogging. Create fresh new content and use it to attract prospects to your website, or write an article which shows you are an expert in your field.
  11. Offer special discounts and deals, which you can then promote via your website, and on your social media channels.
  12. Register your business in a few relevant business directories.
  13. Ensure you have well written and stylishly designed marketing literature. All businesses should as a minimum have business letterheads, business cards, brochure(s), and a flyer.
  14. Purchase a list of potential prospects, and send out a well written letter with one of your brochures.
  15. Hand deliver your flyer locally. For 'hot leads' you could also include a personalised letter and your brochure with the flyer.
  16. Try some cold calling. Purchasing a list of prospects can make this a little easier, or you could just work through directories.
  17. Get a stand and promote your business at exhibitions, trade shows, etc.
  18. Join a few local business networking groups.
  19. Write an article and get it published on a platform such as PR Web who will organise your article to be published in various papers and magazines on your behalf. Time permitting try to do this regularly.
  20. Run a Contest or a Competition. These work particularly well promoting via your social media platforms, in particular Facebook.
  21. If you have a Company vehicle get a business wrap done on it promoting your product/service with your contact details. If you only have a personal car you can get magnetic business plaques, which you can put on and take off your vehicle as required.

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