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Everyone automatically considers marketing their website online, but have you thought about how you will market it offline as well? Offline marketing strategies are just as important as online ones, so here are a few ideas to help you get started, which combined will without doubt provide you with an immediate effect to your online business.

1. Understand Your Target Market

In order for your marketing campaign to be effective you must understand exactly who you are going to market to. By doing this you will be able to design different strategies to reach different groups of prospects.

2. Always Keep Your Business Cards On You

You never know who you are going to meet, when, where, so always keep some business cards on you so that you can hand one out at all times.  As a minimum your business card should have a logo, email address, URL, and the name of your website. Don’t forget the back of your business card, because here is a chance to list your services, offer a special promotion/discount/competition for new customers, and direct prospects to your website for more information.

3. Advertise in Local Papers

Place an advert in your local newspapers. Occasionally offering a special promotion, discounts, or competitions in your adverts will also drive additional traffic to your website, and are well worth considering from time to time.

4. Advertise in Larger Regional/National Newspapers

Consider placing an advertisement in a larger regional, or even national newspaper, these can be a very effective method for promoting your business offline. If you have a special story to tell about your business you may even be able to get the newspaper to write a feature article about how you have managed to build your business up, your unique product/and or services, how your business helps the community, etc.

5. Broadcast Your Business On Local Radio

Have you considered placing an advert for your business on the local radio station? These broadcasts promoting your business can be very effective and are certainly worth trying.

6. Write An Article Promoting Your Business And Publish It Via PR Web

If you have something special to promote, a unique story, or something different to tell everyone about, you may consider writing an article for publication via PR Web. The articles have to be ‘newsworthy’ and original to qualify, you cannot just write an ordinary sales pitch for these articles. However, once approved the article get published in any papers, magazines, journals, etc., so you obtain vast exposure using this method of offline marketing.  

7. Events

Having a ‘stand’ at an exhibition, conference, or event can be an extremely effective way to market your business offline. You get an opportunity to engage ‘face to face’ with your prospects, and can give them your business card, promotional brochure, and perhaps even some promotional ‘giveaways’ such as pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, mugs etc.

8. Promotional Items

If you are getting some promotional ‘giveaways’ personalised with your Company branding for an event, consider getting some extra made (it’s usually cheaper to get them in larger quantities anyway), and distribute them locally. If your offices are in a serviced building with other businesses you could put some of your promotional items in reception for example. These items would then be seen by not only the other businesses in your building, but all their visitors too. Local community centres are usually happy to accept having promotional items in their foyers, and you could even try some local high street newsagents.

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