You may have heard the term ‘Elevator Pitch’ and wondered what it means. Well an Elevator Pitch is a short, well thought out, and memorised speech designed to sell your products and/or services, in a very short time-frame of usually around 30 seconds. The idea behind the concept is to be able to describe how your products and/or services are so compelling to your prospect/listener that by the time the elevator has reached your prospect/listener’s floor you have won them over, and they want to find out more.

Here are some reasons that an ‘Elevator Pitch’ is vitally important for your business success:

Lack of Preparation is Preparing to Fail

You may think you have the best product and/or service in the world and everyone should be rushing to buy from you, but the fact is so does everyone else in the same market. It is therefore vital to prepare an Elevator Pitch, which will make you stand out from your competition. Why should your prospect/listener buy from you, and not someone else? What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? There is nothing worse than not being prepared, a potential prospect/listener does not want to be bored witless listening to someone pouring out information about their business in an incongruent manner. Preparation is, therefore, vital, and fine tuning your pitch is of the utmost importance as you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Short, Sweet, and Straight to the Point

You just never know who you are going to meet, when and where, so it’s extremely important to have at least one (sometimes more) Elevator Pitch prepared, and rehearsed. Preparing your pitch provides you with a unique opportunity to organise your thoughts about your business, and consider the key factors that you think make it successful. You must convey to your prospect/listener what the benefits are of using your products and/or services rather than anyone else’s. 30 seconds is not very long at all so you must ensure you include all the relevant information, which will make your prospect/listener want to engage further, and find out more about your Company, your products, and/or services.

Time is money!

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to have an Elevator Pitch is that people have less time nowadays, so you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible, or you may risk losing a one-time opportunity forever.

Elements to include WHEN creatING a powerful ‘Elevator Pitch’

The essential elements of a powerful Elevator Pitch should include:

  • Your pitch should take around 30 seconds to deliver, and should not be longer than 200 words
  • Consider the objective of your pitch and what is your desired outcome, this will help you to write your pitch. It may be that you need several pitches depending on the situation, and your desired outcome to each individual chance meeting you may find yourself in. Some example desired outcomes are: to make a sale, to gain a new prospect, to enlist support for an idea/project, or to earn a referral
  • Use language that everyone understands using fancy words which some people may not understand could cost you dearly if your prospect/listener hasn’t got a clue what you are on about! Do, however, use strong powerful words to grab your prospect/listener’s attention, and visual words to conjure images up in your prospect/listener’s imagination. Use terminology which will reveal your passion for your products and/or services that appeal to your prospect/listener’s needs and emotions
  • Start off with a brief introduction of who you are, just your name, and the name of your business will suffice here
  • Briefly describe what product and/or service that your business provides
  • Start with an attention grabbing opening statement
  • What are the benefits of your products and/or service to your prospect/listener
  • Outline of your unique selling point (USP) explaining what makes your business special, and why the prospect/listener should come to you
  • Keep it simple, your short speech must be easy to understand, don’t be tempted to use jargon or too many statistics
  • Make it interesting so it keeps your prospect/listener’s attention, and leaves them wanting to find our more. Do you have a story to tell? For example, someone had a problem and you provided a solution, which saved them from losing their business
  • Offer your prospect/listener a solution to his needs, or a problem they have. Some of the best Elevator Pitches consist of an example of a problem, and suggesting a practical way of solving it
  • Appeal to your prospect/listener’s need for top quality and value for money
  • Try to include some words, or a phrase that will ‘strike a chord’ with your prospect/listener, as this will really inspire them to want to find out more

Crafting your knock out ‘Elevator Pitch’

So now you know what elements to include in your Elevator Pitch, but how do you go about crafting it? The following steps will help you to generate your killer Elevator Pitch:

  • First write down the objective of your Elevator Pitch
  • Now start by writing down what you, or your Company does, numerous times in different ways i.e. formal, informal, humorous, descriptive, creative, persuasive, or narratively. Try to do at least a dozen versions, don’t worry about editing at this stage, just get some of your ideas down on paper
  • Write a short story which illustrates what you, or your Company does, use terminology which will conjure up images in the mind of your prospect/listener
  • Leave your work for a day or two and come back to what you have written with ‘fresh’ eyes. Highlight all the good parts, which meet the criteria outlined in the previous section,that you think you would like to use in your final pitch. From the highlighted ‘best bits’ start writing a few cut down versions of your pitch
  • Work through the cut down versions, re-arrange the words and phrases until your pitch sounds right. Try recording your pitch and listen back to it, would you be convinced by it and want to find out more?  Make any further edits to leave you with your final draft Elevator Pitch version 
  • Get some feedback from family and friends, and make any final amendments 
  • Great, now you are ready for the next phase

Rehearse & Memorise

Once you have written your Elevator Pitch you need to rehearse it. It helps to do this in front of a mirror, and once happy with it try it out on a few friends and family until you have got it right, and completely memorised it.

You need to rehearse your speech until you are completely comfortable with delivering it, you need to convey confidence, appear natural and friendly, rather than come over as ‘pushy’.

Achieving the Final Goal

The whole objective of an Elevator Pitch is to achieve a goal. Once you have delivered your pitch you need to act on your main objective. If it was to obtain a business card, then ask for their card. If your objective is to schedule a meeting, then suggest a day time you are available to discuss your products and/or services further. Just ensure you have an objective to follow the delivery of your pitch, and that you follow through with it.

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