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Having a Blog is important nowadays to enhance your brand awareness and business credibility to your prospects. However, just adding content to your blog and merely sitting back waiting for prospects to find it for themselves is just not going to generate the response rate you require for success, you need to actively market your blog to get it seen by your prospects. For all new bloggers getting traffic to your Blog can seem challenging so here are 10 effective ways in which you can generate more traffic to your Blog:

  1. Post Regularly and Consistently
    In order for your Blog to build up credibility and increase your brand awareness you will need to post regularly content. Posting a Blog article once a week is not really going to achieve the results you may be envisaging. The best Blogs post 2/3 articles per day, so building up and maintaining a Blog can be a time consuming activity that requires some commitment.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Ensure your Blog post title has good keywords in it, and that the body of your Blog content also includes the same keywords 2/3 times. Its best to consider what a reader might input into Google as their possible search criteria, and use these keywords in your article as it will vastly improve its SEO ranking. A good optimised Blog post will stand a far higher chance of being located by new potential prospects.
  3. Social Sharing Buttons
    An absolute must is to have various social sharing buttons on your Blog, which will enable your readers to share your content across multiple social media platforms. As a minimum you should have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. There are, of course, many other platforms you can also include, and you can research these and include any you feel may help you to expand your subscribers.
  4. Promote your Blog on your Social Media Channels
    Ensure that you cross promote your Blog posts across all of your social media channels so that you achieve maximum visibility for your article.
  5. Pinning to Pinterest Group Boards
    A great way to gain more exposure for your Blog posts is to pin them to a Pinterest Group Board. There are many Group Boards on Pinterest, and if you search for appropriate relevant Groups for your particular products and/or services there will likely be numerous ones to choose from. 

    When posting to a Pinterest Group Board ensure you use an eye catching image, add relevant keywords to the description and include some appropriate relevant #hashtags.
  6. Include Video
    Add some short informative and entertaining videos to your Blog posts. This not only makes you posts more interesting for your readers, but will help with your SEO as Google owns YouTube! Don’t forget to promote your Blog at the end of each video, and display the Blog’s URL.
  7. Guest Blogging
    Do some guest blogging on other Blogs.  Guest blogging on another well-known and established Blog will help you to gain visibility, and has the potential to put your blogs in front of very large audiences, some of whom may well start to subscribe to your Blog.
  8. Include a link to your Blog in your Email Signature, and on your Social Media Bios
    Always promote your Blog within your email signature, and in your bio on your social media platforms.
  9. Facebook Promoted Ads
    Invest in promoting your Blog via Facebook Promoted Ads. These are simple and inexpensive to do and have the potential to increase the reach of your Blog significantly.
  10. Competitions
    Competitions are a great way to get your readers to promote your Blog for you!  Try running a competition whereby for promoting your Blog by sharing an article on Twitter or Facebook, the reader is entered into a prize draw.

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