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Twitter has become a ‘driving force’ in ‘brand amplification’ and now boosts in excess of 140 million active users producing circa 340 million tweets per day, and gets 300k new visitors daily (source: Forbes).  With impressive statistics such as these, it is clear to see how important and powerful maintaining a presence on this social platform can be for your business.

Twitter offers a great platform to grow and manage your customer base once you have mastered the basics. By following these 10 steps for creating a compelling business presence on Twitter, you will witness your business brand’s visibility expanding rapidly across Twitter.


Your profile says a lot about your business so it’s vital to get it right! Your business name, summary, profile picture (or logo), and your cover header, must all work together and project your business in a clear and informative way. Ensure you enter your business location, and link your website, both of which are vital for search engines. Make sure you have a great custom designed cover header, which will advertise and promote your business to the fullest extent. If you need a custom designed cover header Advenzia can do this for you.


It is of course vital to research and identify your target market here first. It is of no use following businesses who are simply never going to be interested in your product/service. A great tip here is to follow businesses/people who follow your competitors. Also search for businesses/people who have mentioned your product/service and follow them too. Try to follow 50/100 accounts per day, but be careful on your ratio of ‘followers’ to ‘following’. Twitter requires that you have more followers than you are following until the magic 2000 followed has been reached, so you will need to ensure you keep your ratio of followers/followed to within a 10% variable whilst building your audience.

So what is the best way of managing growing your audience? Well you could work your way through your Followed list, and unfollow those not people following back, but this is very time consuming process. The easiest way to unfollow people who are not following you or are inactive is to use just sign in with your twitter account, this is free, and it allows you to unfollow about 50 people a day for free.

Following this technique you will be surprised how quickly you can build a targeted following, and get passed the magic 2000 followers/followed rule.


Ensure you post fresh, interesting, and helpful content, which your followers will want to engage with and retweet to their followers. Things like 'How To’s', Instructional Content, News (especially breaking news), Warning Messages (i.e. scams), Contests and, of course, Special Offers and Freebies.

Avoid at all costs posting personal lifestyle tweets. Potential business partners are really not interested in where you are going out tonight, what you are having for dinner, or your family pets for example. Leave these type of tweets to the celebrities. 


One of the objectives of a tweet is to get your followers to ‘retweet’ your post in order to broaden your posts audience. The simple way to do this is just to ask your followers, so just include a ‘Please RT’ at the end of your post.


Make sure you spend some time ‘liking’ and ‘retweeting’ some of your most passionate followers, and ‘reply’ with a comment, or thank them for their great contribution. The real value with Twitter is in ‘engagement’. If you are not engaging with your followers, you are probably most likely wasting your time on Twitter!

If you have had a good job done for you, ensure you thank and promote the supplier/provider with a tweet using the #recommend tag.


Generally, there will of course be many people online during the daytime hours (your local time zone) between 8am and 7pm. But, in order to maximise your visibility and potential ‘retweets’, you need to publish your posts during certain times of the day when the majority of people are using the Twitter platform. These optimal times Monday to Friday are between 5pm and 7pm (your local time zone), and between 8am and 7pm over the weekends.


There is a maximum of 140 characters (including spaces) in a tweet, so it’s important to leave some space for your followers to place a comment in a ‘retweet’. Accordingly, try to keep your tweets to a maximum length of 110 characters in order to achieve a higher interaction rate.


To aid with searches, it is imperative to use relevant #hashtags within your tweets. Tweets with a #hashtag are two times more likely to be retweeted. However, do not use more than two #hashtags in a post, as tweets with more than two #hashtags tend to see a drop in engagement as they look like spam. HOT TIP  Make it onto #FF (Follow Friday) lists. These lists recommend other Twitter users to follow you.


Tweets containing an image or a video are 150% more likely to be retweeted (source: Buffer). It therefore makes sense that you should include images and video in your tweets, but to what extent should you include them? Well, Buffer suggests that the ratio of media rich to plain text tweets should be 70/30 (media rich/plain text).


There is a thought that the more you post on Twitter, the more of a return on investment you will receive from it. This is incorrect, in fact, a study by Salesforce Marketing indicates that tweeting too much can actually result in poorer engagement. I am sure you can all relate to seeing on your wall from time to time strings of posts seconds apart from individuals which are actually quite annoying. Posting in this way can lead to you being ‘unfollowed’. The best option is the plan for between 1 – 4 tweets per day, preferably during optimal posting times (5pm – 7pm Monday – Friday) if possible.

#11. LINKS

Once you have created a great new article and published it on your website/blog, reach out to other people in your niche, influencers, industry experts, bloggers etc., and do a tweet about it, including the link back to the article on your website. Hopefully, you can get high quality websites linking back to yours, and this will lead to increased online visibility for your website. Increased back links is an indicator that you have great content on your website for your readers, which will inevitably result in the search engines prioritising your website. Great stuff!


Twitter is a fantastic platform for networking with potential prospects and your customers. There are many ‘Twitter Hour’ accounts, which you should join, where you tweet with a certain #hashtag such as #HertsHour, and your tweet will be read by everyone participating in the hour. You can do a search on Google for Twitter Hours and find out when they run. This is an excellent way to promote your brand awareness, and is highly recommended.

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