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One of the best ways to market your business, and increase your brands awareness is to have a Blog. Here are our top 20 hot tips for making your Blog rock:

  1. Always ensure your Blog articles have a great headline to them, which will attract the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.
  2. Keep your Blog topical and current, write about your industry sector, what’s happening, and what are your current industry trends.
  3. Create articles which will help your customers and readers. Think about what they find difficult and write content which will provide your audience with solutions to their problems.
  4. Compose some articles on ‘what not to do’ rather than on ‘how to’ all the time. Such articles provide readers with evidence of what went wrong for others enabling them not to encompass the same problems.
  5. Write in bite size chunks, never use long boring paragraphs or you will ‘switch off’ your readers. Listing information in bullet points is a great way to deliver your content, and is easier for your readers to digest.
  6. Keep the length of your Blog articles in general to around no more than 500 words, any longer and you risk your reader losing interest. It’s acceptable to write an occasional longer article, but in general if a reader visits your Blog and all your articles are inordinately lengthy, they are likely to leave your Blog and not return!
  7. Be authentic, keep your Blog natural and occasionally inject some humour, this will help your readers to enjoy your posts. Readers who enjoy an article are more likely to then share it on their social media channels, thereby increasing your online visibility and brand awareness.
  8. Engage with your readers by running a few polls and surveys on your Blog.
  9. Provide ‘share this article’ buttons on your Blog with a minimum option of Facebook & Twitter, but preferably more social media platforms such as LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
  10. Your Blog must be easy to locate on your website. It would be disastrous to be creating valuable content that people just can’t find!
  11. Ensure your Blog is properly optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  12. Make sure any photos or video you are embedding in your Blog are correctly optimised for the search engines.
  13. Include a few Video Blog posts of you interviewing some of your happy satisfied customers.  These types of Blog posts not only give your business more credibility, but they also help promote your valued customers at the same time…..a win win situation!
  14. Any video you incorporate into your Blog should be no longer than 1-2 minutes in duration, longer video clips are less likely to be viewed.
  15. Promote and distribute all your Blog articles across ALL your social media channels to ensure maximum visibility of your brand.
  16. Link your Blog to your Facebook Business Page.
  17. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is set to ‘public’ and add your Blog, website and Facebook links in your Settings on the Profile Section.
  18. Use StumbleUpon to build up your audience, and brand awareness.
  19. When people comment on one of your articles ensure you always thank them, and if they asked a question always make sure you answer it. Engaging with your readers is crucial if you wish to build your brand awareness, and credibility.
  20. Blog and promote regularly, stick with it, and don’t give up, becoming a recognised and valued blogger takes time, but the rewards will be worth it.

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