Advanced professional web design & development

A great way to promote your business

Dominate your business sector with the ultimate online custom designed marketing website.

From only £1,100, this is more than just a custom designed professional website. This brochureware site includes more of our plugins to allow extreme customisation for your website, and give an extreme level of user experience for your customers.

We will provide unlimited advice to help you reach the precise goals your website needs to achieve for your business. Our award winning web designers will create more design concepts, and add an increased number of optional functions.

This website can be either custom programmed, or use open source software, whichever is most appropriate. Either way we will make a site to meet your precise needs, and include many additional plugins.

This is an advanced custom designed professional web site, which will include our Content Management System and more plugins, allowing you to update it yourself from anywhere in the world from any PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. What's more this site can be upgraded to any kind of complex site including e-commerce, so you won't have to start again when you expand your business!

We include a heap of add-ons with every site we make including:

  • FREE £50 Google Adwords voucher to help you kick-start your marketing.
  • Your own online control panel to set up Emails accounts, auto responders, Email redirects, catch all Email, and junk Email filtering.
  • A newsletter System. We can help Set up a mailing list system with custom designed newsletters, E-shots, and other emails, which can be sent to a list of people.
  • Website Designed Using Latest Technology And Compatible With Major Browsers Such As Internet Explorer, Firefox And Chrome As Well As Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Upgradeable. Over time site can be expanded and added to We can add E-commerce, new features, and allow hundreds of additional pages in the future, so your site can be a starting point.
  • Suitable professional navigation themes to suit your business, including buttons, bars and headings.
  • Ability for you to easily embed video clips into your site.
  • Submissions to major search engines with your keywords added to the metadata and tags.
  • Canonical urls to help your site get crawled by search engines.
  • Access to your site usage statistics and help and advice on how to use and understand Google Analytics.
  • FREE Security Firewall software added to your site when appropriate to help prevent hackers when hosted by us.
  • Use of our photography from our image library resources with no risk of copyright infringement (there are heavy financial penalties if caught using illegally acquired images leaving you liable to thousands of Pounds in fees and legal costs!).
  • FREE Webhosting for 3 months
  • Integration into Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Google+, etc, if required
  • Google site map added to every site to help increase your search engine rankings.
  • Video and photo gallery added, if required.
  • Enhanced Editor plugin within the cms.
  • More than just a cms (content management System). We can add a CCK (Content Component Kit) if required.
  • 1.5 hours of training, either by remote support, or at our offices.
  • 1 hour of internet Marketing advice.
  • Up to 3 Custom Design Concepts Created, Which Are especially Designed For Your Business, And Incorporate Suitable Branding.
  • FREE modifications to content areas for three months after launch, and additional help on adding new pages and menus during this period.
  • Unlimited pages and menus you can easily add yourself.
  • Future Proof. Our websites use the very best Open source CMS which we have considerably enhanced and can be easily upgraded. The open source system we use is used by Porsche, Deep Purple, Mitsubishi, Nikon, and many more.
  • We can offer Optional custom programmed cms as alternative editing systems, if required.

We deliver Advanced website design and development, which outshines and showcases your products and services

  • Advanced Website with easy to use CMS options 
  • Responsive website options which can be viewed on tablets & smartphones
  • Extreme customisation design, advice and programming support
  • Custom web design and development with layout suitable for your business
  • Creative consultation & design from expert web designer plus marketing advice
  • Completely upgradable to unlimited additional pages or E-Commerce
  • Content Management System (CMS) lets you edit and add image text from anywhere in the world
  • Use of Jquery Animation NOT Flash lets your website be viewed on tablets and Smartphones
  • Integrated enquiry/contact form
  • Use of fonts compatible with major browsers and photography from our image library resources
  • Custom programmed or open source cms options
  • Fully Integrated with social media plus allows you to easily add video to your site

Our award winning web designers will create the ultimate brochureware website for you. Superb design, extreme support, and the latest technology will allow you to successfully compete on the internet. We deliver search engine friendly sites, which use proven internet marketing technologies built in.

Your new site will be a tremendous asset to your business, and you will stand out from your competitors. The look of your site can make or break you! This is no joking matter. You have only seconds to make that first impression... and if it's not a good one, you've lost a potential customer.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of your requirements, and provide a solution that will surpass your expectations. While the technology can be fascinating, our prime aim is to make your website communicate your message in a compelling way.

We can dramatically differentiate your product from your competition creating an engaging interactive experience, which when used appropriately, is up to 80% more likely to be remembered by your clients.

With our advice and proven techniques your customers will examine and experience your products on the web in far greater detail than ever before, which will create better brand and product recognition for your Company.




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